Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 10th January 2020

Good afternoon and a Happy New Year to you all!

Have we really only been back a week?! Staff and students have certainly hit the ground running on their return; absolutely vital, I suppose, given it’s a mere 5-week sprint to the half-term break.  Mock exam feedback, seating plans re-arranged, new units of work begun, 6th form parents’ evening last night, the first rugby practice of 2020 … there’s no hanging around here at Wellington, we’re all over this new term and the new decade!  Is it just me or does the turn of the millennium seem like yesterday? 

Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas break and Santa brought you everything you asked for.  For me, as requested, new socks, boxer shorts, lots of books / book tokens and the ubiquitous red wine, so I was a happy chap on Christmas morning.  I also got a whole shoebox full of deodorants!  My 17-year-old son was getting pretty fed up with me ‘borrowing’ his whenever I ran out, so he decided to buy me several months’ supply.  Genius!  Of course, like many of you no doubt, I feel like I may have over-indulged over the festive period but there is a ‘snowball’s chance in hell’ that I will be engaging with dry January, Veganary or any other of those madcap, masochistic regimes.  Good luck to those of you who have embarked on such adventures; I do admire you really, you crazy fools!

I also had a ‘significant’ birthday on the 29th (I may have mentioned it once or twice) and given the mayhem that is Christmas anyway, I decided to keep it fairly low-key.  I took the family (my lot, mum, sister and her gang) out for a meal at the new Botanist restaurant in Warrington.  Now, there were several reasons for this choice; proximity, good to try somewhere that’s recently opened, extensive beer selection etc., but I’d be lying if I said my daughter’s (who’s working there part-time) 50% staff discount wasn’t a factor in my choice!  Tight, skint, sensible?  Probably all those things.  Anyway, we had a great day (first glass of bubbly at around 10.30 a.m.) before I tucked myself up in bed, perfectly ‘contented’ (euphemistically speaking) at 11.00 p.m.  Unfortunately, a calf strain is currently preventing me from running off these Christmas / birthday excesses via my jog-bus-jog commute.

Sorry to bore you with my holiday anecdotes but I am pretty much filling the gaps as we await a new term of activities to kick in.

Well done to the students, former student and even parent who were part of the cast of Aladdin at the Garrick Theatre.  Twenty-six performances, I think it was; so what an achievement to be part of something like this whilst balancing schoolwork and other demands.  Thank you to Mrs Deighton-Brown for sending in the photos of the cast, which included two members of her family, including our very own Year 12, Jack.

Thank you to all the parents of our 6th form students who attended parents’ evening last night.  On the whole, the Year 12s have laid a very solid foundation in their first term of A levels, and the penny seems to have dropped for the overwhelming majority of our Year 13s for whom this is a hugely significant 5-6 months ahead.  Hence, it proved to be a very positive evening.  Thank you mums and dads for your support; we / they couldn’t do it without you!  One parent, who will remain anonymous, attended her last ever Wellington parents’ evening last night having had three children through the School.  Clearly, the emotion of the occasion got to her and I was asked if we could ‘hug it out’.  I do love you lot!

Congratulations must go to all our young people for their conduct during the fire drill this morning.  It was under eight minutes between triggering the alarm and sending students back to class on completion of the drill, and the behaviour throughout was impeccable.  That’s not bad going for a school of this size and the number of people to be accounted for.  Thank you to all my colleagues too; these things are always a big team effort.

I’m not sure what other news will be appearing in Latest News / on your email or app notifications this evening, given it is the first week back but it will possibly be the calm before the storm of the subsequent ten weeks of the Spring Term.  So much to look forward to and I hope you’ll ‘tune in’ to enjoy it with us.

Have a great weekend, if you possibly can with all that self-denial going on.

S Beeley