Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 08.06.18

Good afternoon

I cannot honestly believe that the half-term holiday was only last week; this has been the busiest of busy weeks but, as always, it’s been immensely rewarding and productive. 

Our A level students have joined their Year 11 counterparts and are now in full examination swing, and internal exams have also begun for Years 7-10.  I know that all Wellingtonians will be striving to give a good account of themselves over the next few weeks.  For our GCSE cohort, there really is light at the end of the tunnel.  Huge credit to this lot as they seem to be displaying the stamina so crucial to success during this period. 

Yet again, I’m going to have to be quick with this bulletin; the Year 11s have a football final at Carrington after school and I’m hoping to jump on the minibus with Mr Tomlinson and the boys.  Talking of stamina, all the players will have had a 2 hour English paper this morning and a number of them a further 1 hour 45 minutes of History this afternoon.  They’ll either be exhausted for the game or desperate to let off a bit of steam.  I’ll let you know the result next week. 

It’s been a bit of an ‘arty’ day today.  I had a great meeting this morning with Mrs Copeland, Mrs Byiers (Estates Manager) and two gentlemen from the company helping us to redesign the Vale Hall.  I don’t get excited too often (actually, that’s not true) but this is going to be a fabulous space when School re-opens for business in September.  I have to say, it’s incredibly satisfying when planning something like this and one is reminded that we have such a clear sense of identity, a vision, a USP even, here at Wellington.  When you are next in the Vale Hall after September, I hope you get an appreciation of what I’m talking about.

Also on the art front, our Wellington Bee is now finished!  I have mentioned previously, as has designer-in-chief Miss Grey (Head of Art), the Bee in the City project that we are involved in.  I don’t want to steal her thunder and that of her team of fabulous Year 7 helpers, so please read Miss Grey’s feature and savour the glorious pictures of our Bee.  It really does tell a story.

On the sporting front, well done to the Year 7 cricket team (and to coach Mr Morgan) for securing their second victory out of three games played so far.  They defeated St Anthony’s at Ashton CC.

I’ve mentioned our little martial artist Tahlia Blake (Year 7) several times before and she’s been at it again, securing more metal to hang around her already-strained neck.  Well done Tahlia.

Well done also this week to all the English ‘half term heroes’ and, indeed, to the Geography department for taking 150 Year 7s to Blackpool Zoo on Tuesday!

This is always a busy half-term for our Year 12 students.  They sat their end-of-year assessments before the break and Mrs Stephens and Mr Cropper gave them a collective pat on the back in assembly yesterday.  We tend not to deal in complacency at Wellington, and I’m sure this will not be the case with this lot, but in the main they have done exceptionally well in these exams, so credit where credit’s due.  They will begin their professional work placements on Monday and, my goodness, they have secured themselves some incredible opportunities, which will doubtless prove hugely beneficial and inspirational for their future careers.  Mr Holt will no doubt tell us more next week.  The Year 12s have also had MMU staff in this week advising them on UCAS applications.  I don’t want to wish their lives away, but this is a great year group that have delivered and promise so much, and they are more than ready for the transition to Year 13. 

As much as I love work, the weekends are always eagerly-awaited, much-needed and never dull, and this one will be no different.  In fact, tomorrow is a ‘day from heaven’; all the major northern hemisphere rugby-playing countries are on tour in the southern hemisphere at this time of year, so we will begin at 8.35 a.m. with New Zealand vs France and finish at around 5 p.m.  (I’ll get my time exact this evening!) with South Africa vs England, not to mention a bit of light Welsh and Irish entertainment to fill the hours in between.  My daughter is visiting Sheffield University for an open day tomorrow but unfortunately I had already set this day aside to write my termly report to Governors.  What are the chances of that (given the sporting schedule)?!  Strictly between you and I, however, I spent 5 hours yesterday afternoon / evening completing this report so the diary for tomorrow is now clear.  I’m sure the Beeley girls will have a lovely day out in South Yorkshire.  It really is a good job this bulletin has such a small readership!

Anyway, off to Carrington any minute so I’ll sign off.

Have a fabulous weekend.

S Beeley