Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 04.01.19

Good afternoon.

Happy New Year and welcome back!  I trust that you all indulged suitably over the festive period?  I wonder how many of you are doing ‘dry’ January or have begun new exercise regimes?  I’ve never quite grasped that whole abstinence / detox / masochism concept.  I would like to think I don’t do things to excess (these days) and, therefore, don’t see the merit in ‘punishing’ myself, even for a short period. Surely life’s too short?  In all seriousness, I do admire people with the will-power to embark on such journeys of physical and spiritual cleansing at the start of a new year, so I wish you well if you have made resolutions of this nature.  I saw a birthday card outside a shop only last week and the words on the front read “Who is this ‘moderation’ everyone keeps insisting I drink with?!”

I do have a number of New Year resolutions of both a professional and personal nature but at the risk of setting myself up to fail, I shall keep those under my hat for now.  I would add that I have got two new recipe books and intend to make full use of those over the coming weeks.  I always find that the best part of cooking is the requisite bottle of red to help lubricate the creative process.

I have to say this was a deliberately ‘chilled’ Christmas Chez Beeley; not too much visiting, lots of quality time with my children (they may disagree), quite a few early nights and partial lies-in, more exercise than usual over Christmas and a good amount of reading.  In fact, to such an extent that I returned to School yesterday more rested and invigorated than ever before in January, and given it was only the 3rd, that was particularly gratifying.  That said, I quite like these 2-day weeks. 

Just as an aside, did any of you watch Jools Holland on New Year’s Eve?  After an early drink / meal out, it has become an annual ritual for me to settle in front of the telly in time for Jools’ ‘Hootenanny’ on BBC2.  This year was the best ever in my humble opinion.  And, by way of an added bonus, Madness were live on BBC1 at the same time!  Why would you want to go out?  Perhaps I’m just sad. 

I hope my colleagues and our students have had an equally enjoyable holiday, however they chose to spend it, and are now set for the challenges of a new term and the new year.  This is a short term and half term (5 weeks today) but always with so much to cram in; there will be no breaking yourself in gently.  Teachers are feeding back after pre-Christmas mocks, parents evenings begin in earnest, Year 9s will be choosing their GCSE options, Year 11s will be applying for 6th form here and elsewhere (N.B. the bar is set higher than ever for entry into our own 6th Form) and there will be the usual plethora of activities and events.  I see Year 7s are already out on a Geography field trip today.

On the subject of trips, Miss Grey, Mrs Taylor-Crooke and Mr Manifould tell me they had a fabulous time in New York at the end of last term and I suspect there will be a full report in the bulletin.  They also mentioned what absolute stars the students were; a credit to the School and a pleasure to be away with.  We really are blessed with delightful young people here at Wellington.

I suspect there won’t be much else in Latest News this week on only the second day back but please ‘tune in’ in future weeks; it’s never dull at Wellington.

I won’t continue my ramblings any longer as you no doubt have plenty of Christmas reading, new boxsets, catch-up TV etc to occupy your time.  If you’re returning to work on Monday 7th, good luck with that – just bite the bullet, it wasn’t too painful – and enjoy your final weekend. 

Who knows what the weather has in store for us over the coming weeks but can I remind you once again that it would be really useful if you downloaded the school app and perhaps followed us on Twitter.  Alternatively, check the website if there is any likelihood of weather-related issues.

I won’t go into too much detail here but in my Year 7 assembly on Monday I will touch upon the ‘pursuit of happiness’ and how our well-being, beyond the satisfaction of our basic needs, is not founded on material wealth.  We are far happier when giving and helping than when buying and receiving.  The rewards for our own physical and mental well-being are widely acknowledged.

Here’s to a greater sense of altruism in the world this year.  Wishing you all a very happy 2019!

S Beeley