Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 01.02.19

Good afternoon.

Firstly, my apologies for the school closure on Wednesday; I do hope parents weren’t overly inconvenienced.  There has been much talk on the radio this week about how schools arrive at the decision to close under these circumstances.  For me, it boils down to two simple considerations; is the site safe and can I get enough staff into School to cover lessons / supervise students?  By 7.30 on Wednesday, my answer to both questions was a resounding ‘no’.  It seems that parents were genuinely grateful for the early notification to avoid unnecessary travel etc. and, pleasingly, only two students arrived at School so our communication seems to work.  With announcements on the website and sent out via parentcall text, twitter and the school app (please download if you haven’t), I don’t think there’s much more we can do, except possibly invest in a ‘flock’ of highly trained carrier pigeons emblazoned with the Wellington crest. 

Anyway, I hope our young people spent the day wisely (independent research, revision schedule planning, learning French vocab, downloading educational podcasts etc)?  I certainly did with 4 hours of snow shovelling with our site team.  It was either that or return home to a list of household jobs to do!  Although a little sore in the shoulders and neck (yes, I am getting on a bit), I was pleased with my labours and so decided I deserved a little treat on the way home.  I know I have a responsibility to promote ‘healthy schools’ but I had burnt a few calories and it was a snow day after all, so a detour via McDonald’s at Lymm services seemed totally justified.  To my pleasant surprise, my Big Mac became a ‘grand’ Big Mac.  I don’t know whether I misordered or whether the young lady serving thought I looked like a ‘grand’ Big Mac kinda guy?!  Of course, it was accompanied by the requisite bottle of water; I’m not totally irresponsible – body’s a temple and all that.

Another great parents’ evening last night; Year 7 on this occasion.  It’s always good to see how our (not so) new starters have settled in after almost half the year under their belts, and, overwhelmingly, it appears they are enjoying life and making good progress.  It is the one parents’ evening when I am actually sat behind the table meeting parents as French teacher to 7E (poor unfortunate souls).  That was a pleasure as always as they were a delightful bunch (genuinely) but I was thrilled that a number of other parents took the opportunity to come over and say how happy they were with their son’s/daughter’s start to big school.

This email is a reflection of others received this morning and comments passed to myself and colleagues last night:

“Hi Mr Beeley

I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed our first parents evening. You have a super set of teachers who do the school proud.

My parents were head teachers and so I know it’s far from an easy job, but you are all a credit to the profession.

Thanks again”

What a lovely message to receive at the end of another busy week in Welly World.

Thank you to all of you for your continued support; it is very much appreciated, believe me.

You may very well get sick of me going on about our School value of Community but I’m not going to stop any time soon as I believe it to be so important.  I’m sure she will be providing her own thoughts on the project but Miss Grey and her team of 6th Formers have demonstrated their community spirit in spades (or rather brushes) having this week finished a very impressive ‘decorating’ job for the 3rd Timperley Scout Group.  It seems that the designs have gone down an absolute treat.

“Mr Beeley,

I wanted to send an email to you to pass on 3rd Timperley Scout Group’s huge huge thanks and overwhelming gratitude to Miss Grey, the technician and your AMAZING A Level art students for all their fantastic hard work, ideas, commitment, enthusiasm and of course the end product of transforming our dark and dull looking scout hut into the vibrant place it actually is!


They have worked so hard, shown great maturity and were all so polite, had to work in freezing cold conditions (our tiny heaters didn’t do so well in the freezing temperatures in the massive room!), and did such a great job of tidying up too!

Here are a couple of the comments made already by the committee and parents who have been so excited they couldn’t wait until tomorrow when they would normally have been, and have gone for sneaky look already!

‘That’s freakin’ marvellous! What an amazing transformation’

‘Amazing job! Wow! It really changes the look of the hall.  Great effort from those artistic students at Wellington….’

‘OMG that is fantastic! I can’t believe that is our hut!’

The scout sections are working on their own artist ‘thank you’ for you which I will get to you soon, but for now, once again, we can’t thank you and them enough for what they have achieved in our hut.”

How good is that?!

In sporting news, a great win for the Year 10/11 basketball team (see Mr Morgan’s report) but, unfortunately, the rugby for Years 7-9 was called off by Lymm on Tuesday.  All other fixtures were, inevitably, impacted by the weather. 

One parent last night told me he enjoyed reading my bulletin but asked if I could mention Man City more!  As a loyal red, I politely declined naturally but I would just add at this point how bitterly let down we Utd fans were with City’s abysmal performance at Newcastle, practically handing the title to the Scousers!  I jest, of course, as I spent 9 happy years living and teaching in Liverpool and in the interests of the impartiality befitting a Headteacher, I wish the blue half of Manchester and the red half of Liverpool good luck in equal measure.

Anyway, all other sporting news is over-shadowed by the start of the 6 Nations rugby tournament this weekend.  I’m practically salivating at the prospect, or is that just my hunger?

At last glance, there were further contributions from Mrs Kearney in Art (love Issie Hornby’s moment of Instagram fame), Mrs Moorhouse in Music and Mr Cawley in History.  I hope you enjoy catching up on those and other items of Latest News this evening.     

Sadly, Mrs Stephens and I are now heading to the funeral of the father of one of our 6th Form students.  I’m sure the family will not mind me paying tribute to Steve Hamblett, a fellow teacher and highly-regarded and much-loved servant of Bowdon Church School for many years.  I never met Steve personally but I have spoken to many who knew him personally and professionally and he was clearly a very special person.  He has enthused and inspired countless young people at BCS, in the scouting movement and on the hockey pitch, and that is a legacy to be cherished and one that will remain undiminished with the passing of time in the hearts of so many.  I believe he was also a huge Warrington Wolves fan, so clearly a top bloke!  Our thoughts and prayers are, of course, with Lauren and the family today and in the difficult times ahead.

I hope you all enjoy some quality time with your loved ones this weekend.

S Beeley