Girls’ Football

“This week we had a friendly girls football match against Sale High School, made up of great girls from Year 7,8 and 9” writes Miss Kelly. “At first, Sale took the girls by surprise how strong and confident they were on the ball, scoring some early goals. This was no problem for goalkeeper Jess Hill who saved shot after shot, playing fantastically well against this strong side. The game was very defensive for Wellington, Hannah Birch and Daisy Coombs worked well at the back clearing the ball and closing down the opponents play.  The team’s confidence increased in the second half, with more girls making excellent tackles, challenging for the ball and having confidence to dribble and move more with the ball.

Holly Abbott in Year 7 finished the second half with a fantastic long range goal, adding serious pressure to the opponents for the final few minutes. Despite the finishing score, the team had high sprit throughout, showed great team work and played some excellent football.”