GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition

Miss Ryan writes:

“This week Year 10 learnt how to portion a whole chicken into 6 or 8 portions.

Pupils worked in groups of three and after watching a number of methods via you tube, they wrote step by step instructions, in their own words, using the techniques they liked best.

After portioning the whole chickens, the meat was kept in the fridge and used later on in the week by each group. The groups had to plan three different dishes using the different style chicken pieces. They then made time plans and discussed ideas for effective presentation of each dish.

Nothing went to waste as the bones and scraps were used to produce fresh chicken stock.

This was a great exercise to teach about the financial benefits of buying a whole chicken, health and safety considerations in food preparation, effective planning and time management.

Well done Year 10, I was really impressed that every single pupil took part (including a vegetarian) in the portioning of the chicken and the standard of the finished products was fantastic.”