Farewell to our fabulous Year 13 Literature students!

We’re sad to say goodbye to a wonderful Year 13 Literature cohort! Miss Hitchens, Mr Williams, Mrs McDonnell and I have all commented on how fondly we will look back on the time we spent teaching our splendid literary enthusiasts, whilst in and out of lockdown, in this strange, strange year! What has been especially nice is the community they have formed – in spite of all COVID has thrown at them!

As a goodbye, we gave all Literature students some silly t-shirts to remind them of their time with us in the English Department. However, it turns out they didn’t just get a lousy t-shirt from studying Literature; they also became confident at using their voices, great at debate, deliberate in their language use and skilled at grappling with exciting, academic concepts that end with an ‘ism!

Whatever you all do, next year, we wish you the very best of luck!

Miss C Spencer