English, Media and Drama Half-Term Heroes and Behaviour Watch League

Miss Hitchens writes:

“The Half-term Heroes scheme allows each member of the department to nominate a student who has impressed them with either their attainment or effort over the past half term.

The ‘Half-term Heroes’ in English, Media and Drama for last half term are: Emily Hewitt, Kathryn Lloyd-Williams, Ruby Slattery, Emily Thomas, Libby Mulcahy (for both English and Media!), Bobby Coffey, Jess Stansfield, Chloe Moran, Alisha Bhudia, Kci Holloway, Natalie Sparks and Michael Hough.

All pupils receive a certificate, badge and fame on the corridor display board!

Meanwhile, the top ten Behaviour Watch points earners, each being rewarded with a certificate and badge, are:

1.                  Paige Schenk 7CSN

2.                  Isabelle Edwards 7JHY

3.                  Daniel Adams 10PRR

4.                  Max Baker 7JHY

5.                  Eleanor Spurling 7LJS

6.                  Sophie Walsh 10JGS

7.                  Mollie Short 10SCS

8.                  Jack Morgan 7OHN

9.                  Eve Haydn 7LCY

10.              Tom Waddington 10THN

Well done to all winners!”