The English ‘Blue Plaque’ Challenge

Miss Hitchens with an update on this English Department competition:

“The winning entries for the English Department’s ‘Blue Plaque’ competition have been coming in thick and fast with the English corridor looking like a tour of literature’s favourite residences. Each room has a fictional address and Year 7 have been scurrying around, figuring out who lives where! Once their lists were compiled, students chose a character they were interested in and produced an informative and decorative blue plaque for each door.

Well done so far to Eleanor Turner (7X3), Matilda Damms (7X1), Bronte Neary (7X1), Evie Needham (7X5), Jessica Molloy (7Y4) and Eloise Burns (also 7Y4) whose plaques have been selected for staff doors. Matilda is pictured here by her plaque for Miss Hitchens’ door of Sherlock Holmes.

Certificates and pin badges go to all the winners!”