Design Technology Awards

Friday 3rd February saw the end of rotation 2 for Key Stage Three Design Technology, we have had such a productive ten-week rotation that we can’t help but share the achievements of our students.

The new curriculum changes that take place in September mean all students, no matter which subject area they choose at GCSE, can use as many material types and as much technology as they would like. So, as staff we are working hard to ensure that our Key Stage Three students are aware of properties of the materials they are using, that they can use the laser cutter, CAD software and are given the opportunity to link skills gained in other technology areas.  

Each teacher has nominated one student from each of their classes to be awarded the ‘Unbelievable Tech-ers’ award, these students will have demonstrated a real flair for the subject, or has shown a clear progression over the ten weeks. We have updated the ‘Unbelievable Tech-ers’ display, found in our department to show the names below and have photographs of many students’ final outcomes. We have also been busy updating our Instagram account also:

The students each received a letter to take home to their parents via their tutor so well done to all:

Year 7

Emelia Allcroft, Emily Spencer, Nancy Selwood-Metcalfe, Ruby Cooper, Carisse Campbell, Louis Leigh

Elizabeth Sullivan, Abigail Smith, Mya Dixon, James Burney, Marina Rotsides-Leigh, Joshua Evans.

The projects are: A child’s toy boat (Product Design), a sustainable house design (Graphics), a young child’s animal themed cushion (Textiles)

Year 8 

Thomas Pavey, Hollie Dakin, Sally Thorley, Matilda Richardson, Oliver Tyson-Comer, Sam Clucas, Alex Bugg, Emily Speed, Eva-Jean Quested-Leech, Ella Nicholson, Sophie Hurlstone, Lucy Potts, Jessica Gethin, Felix Hoxley, Ruby Sykes

The projects are: Clock design (Product Design), Fast food takeaway packaging (Graphics), Sustainable drawstring bag (Textiles)

Year 9

Amelia Buckley, Adam Niles, Harry Cotterell, Niamh McLoughlin, Katie Davies, Sam Webster, Sam Thompson, Amelia Atack, Rrone Ferizi, Aimee Linney, Oliver Mann, Carl Smith, Roddy Smith

The projects are: Small portable lamp design (Product Design), Modern interior influenced by a design movement (Graphics), Novelty Hat design (Textiles)

Year 10 (GCSE)

Adam Jennings, Thea Aldridge, Jaden Fearon, Grace Hardingham, Jess Stamper, Cameron Minchington

Year 11 (GCSE)

Aaron Mellish, Laura McLaughlin, Ellie Ninian 

Year 12 (AS Level)

Sam Blackburn

Year 13 (A2 Level)

Calum Dalgleish