Cooking and Nutrition

We have had a fantastic week in KS3 Cooking and Nutrition this week with the majority of pupils taking part in practical sessions.

Year 7 have made smoothies and it was pleasing to see the use of the Bridge and Claw cutting techniques to ensure everyone left with all their fingers intact. Pupils acted with maturity and were able to use blenders safely and correctly.

Year 8 are exploring Mediterranean Cuisine and had a flavour of Greece, making Gigantes with Greens – a bit like a “posh” version of baked beans. I was very pleased that pupils remembered the correct names for the different parts of the cooker and on the whole were able to work independently, building on the skills developed in Year 7.

Finally, Year 9 had the challenge of designing some food plating ideas to make an egg and some bread look more appealing. I loved seeing how enthusiastic and engaged all the pupils were and it was fantastic to see them praising each other’s efforts.

Some of the work can be seen on our Instagram: wellington_design_technology

Fantastic work KS3 – keep it up.

Mrs Ryan