Business News

Mrs Clarke with this week’s business news:

“Earlier this week, Year 7 Business Club held a Cake Sale and Raffle in aid of Fair Trade.  With a focus on cocoa, teams baked chocolate cupcakes and chocolate bars as prizes. They created posters to display around school.  They worked with enthusiasm and showed some really good selling skills particularly Wesley Wilson and Lexie Towie.  It was a busy lunchtime and the club raised £40 for a worthwhile cause.  Well done to all involved and here’s to your next challenge – entering the Dragon’s den!

Year 12 are participating in Young Enterprise, setting up a business called Lana Jewellers.  With a focus on protecting the environment, the company have decided to sell products in aid of saving the turtles.  They are making and selling Turtle necklaces for £4.99 with 25% of the profits going to Hawaiian Wildlife Fund.  The company are busy and are looking to set up a sales opportunity in the near future in school.”