Bee in the City: Launch Programme

This from Miss Hitchens and Mrs Mildenstein:

“Thanks to the tireless efforts of Miss Grey and her ‘hive’ of Y7s, we took 8 of our ‘Welly-being’ bee painters to Manchester to take part in the ‘Hive of Creativity’ programme.

Upon arrival, we played ice-breaker games and made friends with pupils from other schools; we also created poetry based upon sensory descriptions. Then the trail began! Beginning at the National Football Museum, we found bees galore – and of all sizes. The pupils started a new trend for ‘Self-bees’ whilst sporting their bee deely-boppers. Off we headed to Manchester Cathedral, the Royal Exchange and John Rylands Library before grabbing some lunch.

After lunch, the pupils chose the platform and audience for the genres of writing they hoped to produce. In a short period of time, we created a The Diary of a Bee, a poem called Bees All Around and a blog article promoting the trail.

The pupils involved were fantastic and engaged with the activities really well – despite the heat! A lovely day out!”