Be aware on the roads

Be aware on the roads

Words and video by Abigail Court and Isabelle Goto



A staggering 650 children were killed or severely injured in just three months last year in the UK.

Road safety has always been a concern and although figures of serious incidents are increasing – a total of 24,610 people killed or seriously injured was recorded in the year ending March 2016; up by 2 per cent from the previous year. According to the department of Transport website there were 187,050 casualties of all severities in the year ending March 2016 – and motor traffic levels also rose by 1.8 per cent compared with the previous year .

One of the major concerns is that many people are too focused on their mobile phones to pay attention to road safety. It is called ‘eyes down walking’ and the most vulnerable age group is 11-12 year olds making their own way to school.

Wellington’s reporting team asked Year 7 pastoral manager, Mrs Haley, if parents should be more worried about their children walking to school by themselves.

“I don’t think they should be more worried, but especially in winter to make sure there all visible. Maybe with reflective strips they would be more visible,” she said.

“I think that walking is good, because a majority of students live close to the school. It’s good for them and good for independence.”

However, she added that mobile phones may have an impact on safety. “They do have an impact; phones can be good. They are good if you might be calling your mum to tell her you’ll be late or that your stuck on the bus. It’s good that they’ve got phones to ring for safety however I know that children that will walk as there texting which is a distraction. So, they can be used in a good way but they should be mainly in their pocket.”

Sixth formers at Wellington added that they also see young students facing the dangers every day: “I don’t think so as the children are mature enough with zebra crossings and can cross by themselves and it is more of an issue now because more people are standing on the side of roads with headphone on so they don’t ear the danger.”