BBC School Report Goes ‘Oliver’ Crazy!

bbc report 9On 22nd and the 23rd October Wellington will be putting on a legendary performance of ‘Oliver’ in the Watson Hall. Do you consider yourself as someone who may want to be see such a fantastic event? We’d do anythingto see you at our amazing performance.

The price of tickets will be £5.00 for adults and £3.50 for students with a strict rule of no pickpockets allowed! There’s even a special offer of discounted tickets during the week commencing 6th October!  The performance time is 7pm and there will be lots of food glorious food on sale during the interval but please don’t ask for more!

Oliver is being played by Angus, Nancy by Renee; the Artful Dodger will be played by YasminBill Sykes is Fraser while Fagin will be Joe.

By Michael and Jack



A Star is Born! Meet Oliver aka Angus!


Jack was fortunate to interview the star of ‘Oliver’ himself, Angus Thompson! Here’s what he had to say!

What is it like being the star in the performance of Oliver?

It is surprisingly not too overwhelming but it’s good that it’s named after my character! It’s made me put in loads of effort with my role!

Except for Oliver, who is your favourite character?

My favourite character is Charlie Bates and I really enjoy Fraser’s performances as Bill Sykes – he’s really scary!

How do you remember all the lines that you have got?

I have got a good memory and also I read them over and over again. They seem to stick that way!

Is it hard to keep up with school work when you are constantly acting and rehearsing for ‘Oliver’?

It’s okay but I have to keep myself really organised! ‘Oliver’ actually becomes a fun way to finish each day off!

And now for an unusual question…what is your favourite card in a deck of cards?

The ace of diamonds!

By Jack



5 minutes with Fagin, Nancy and Sykes…

Jasmine and Yasmin caught-up with three of the leads from the performance to find out what the experience has been like. They spoke with Fraser, who plays Sykes; Joe, who is Fagin and Renee, who plays Nancy…

What is it like playing your character?

Joe: It’s great – he is really complex!

Renee: Very fun – Nancy’s VERY different from me!

Fraser: Very enjoyable – he’s a nasty piece of work!

Which part did you initially hope to get back in the auditions?

Joe: Thankfully ,I hoped to be Fagin and that’s what I am!

Renee: Like Joe, I wanted to be Nancy so was so happy to get the part!

Fraser: At first I went for Dodger – your part Yasmin!

What is your favourite thing about your character?

Joe: The fact that he can be funny but very creepy at the same time!

Renee: The solos I get to perform

Fraser: That Sykes is so evil; I’ve never played an evil part before!

Why should people come and watch ‘Oliver’?

Joe: It’s already looking like it will be a fantastic and in true Wellingtons style it will be unique!

Renee: The storyline is fantastic, the acting in wonderful and the songs are well-known so great for singing along to!

Fraser: Every performance the school does is always completely different!

What is your favourite song in the production?

Joe: ‘You’ve got to Pick a Pocket or Two’

Renee: ‘He Needs Me’

Fraser: ‘My Name’

And your favourite line?

Joe: ‘Shut up and drink your gin!’

Renee: ‘Ah yes, I know all about it, who I am and what I am.’

Fraser: ‘Yes she will Fagin!’


Character Profile: Mr Bumble!


Jasmine aka Mr. Bumble decided to create a brief character piece to give you an insight into the delightful Mr. Bumble…at least he thinks he’s delightful!

‘Oh that little mite Oliver. He came into our workhouse, ate our food, slept in our bed, sat on our chairs…we did nothing but care for him! And what did we get? Not a single word of thanks. That’s what we got! Not one!

The worst of this atrocious and unbelievable behaviour occurred one evening when, once having eaten his appetising bowl of gruel, he walks up to me and asks ‘Please sir, may I have some more?’ More I ask you! More! I’ll give him ‘More’ if I ever catch up with him!


Why I enjoy being in Oliver!

Firstly, I love acting and I desperately want to become an actor when I’m older. My favourite actors are David  Tennant, Christian Bale and Benedict Cumberbatch. Two of my favourite scenes that I get to be involved in in ‘Oliver’ are when I pretend to be drunk in the tavern and when I have to act like I’m starving! I like acting these parts because they require a lot of thought and emotion. Acting on stage makes me feel like a real actor.

Another reason why I love being in ‘Oliver’ is that it is one of my favourite plays; I thoroughly enjoyed watching it at the Palace Theatre in 2012. The 1968 film version is brilliant too!

I usually do not enjoy singing but at the ‘Oliver’ rehearsals I have enjoyed it because I’m singing with friends (who I actually met during rehearsals)!

By Isaac

Over the past few weeks I have been involved in Wellington’s school production. This year we have been doing ‘Oliver’. I have found the experience extremely fun and as the build-up to the performance increases the entire cast are getting more and more excited! My favourite part about being involved in ‘Oliver’ would be making new friends from different year groups.

Obviously, the production and all the rehearsals wouldn’t take place if it wasn’t for amazing teachers at wellington who have been involved – especially Mrs Moorhouse, Mrs Rainford and Miss Hitchens! Overall, I have found the whole experience great fun and it has made me  take a real interest in drama.

By Emily

I have enjoyed being in ‘Oliver’ because I love acting, singing and dancing. It also is really fun to rehearse the songs and lines and watch other people perform. There are lots of great things about being in ‘Oliver’ like when we get to use the props! I love being in ‘Oliver’: it’s great!

By Charlotte

We’ve really enjoyed being in the school production of ‘Oliver’! It’s our first year at Wellington and already, we love it. We’ve met so many new people and have experienced many new things. Despite all the effort needed (especially by the teachers!) we’ve had a really good time. Without the help of all the wonderful staff and the rest of the cast, we couldn’t have done it. We hope that we get a chance to perform in another production at Wellington!

By Lillie and Isabelle

Meet the directors…

Shane was lucky to get an exclusive with legendary school production director Mrs Rainford and the incomparable music director Mrs Moorhouse. What a team!

If you could be any ‘Oliver’ character, who would you be?

ERD: The Artful Dodger definitely!

NME: Mr Bumble

What is your favourite ‘Oliver’ song?

NME: ‘Oom-pah-pah’ is definitely my favourite!

ERD: That’s a tricky one…either ‘It’s a Fine Life’ or the classic, ‘Food Glorious Food’

How many pupils are involved in the production?

NME: There are over 50 pupils taking part; a fantastic number!

How excited are you for the ‘Oliver’ performance?

Both: Very. There are lots of fantastic performances and performers. The quality of singing and acting just gets better and better.

How many departments are helping out?

ERD: We are so lucky to have at least one representative from every department in the school to help out. A school production requires so many jobs from ticket selling to costume making!

If you could go back in time and meet any famous musician, who would you meet?

NME: I would have to go and meet Jimi Hendrix

If you could have any English-related superpower, what would you choose?

ERD: I would have the power to make every student check their punctuation!

Thank you! These interviews have been very informative and I hope everyone has ‘hopped on the hype train’ for the ‘Oliver’! That’s all from me!


Costume Crazy!

The Technology and Art departments have been incredibly busy producing costumes, setting and props for ‘Oliver’. Ellie and Natasha took out some time to speak to Miss Spencer, our new Art technician…

How long have you been making costumes for?

My first creation was my GCSE Project in Year 10 where I made a fairy costume! So five years.

What’s most enjoyable about making costumes?

There are so many different styles you can create – the list is endless!

What is your favourite play that you have made costumes for?

A Midsummer Night’s dream because I also got to direct it. I made lots of fun outfits given all the magical characters!

Is it a hard job to make a costume?

It certainly was when I first started but it does become easier and trial and error is a great way to learn.

What is the hardest costume you’ve ever had to make?

A cancan dress for my A Level project – lots of ruffles!

What is the strangest costume you ahev ever made?

The dress for Titania in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ – it was made out of leaves!


Five Facts About ‘Oliver’

Sam has been finding out some unusual facts for us…

‘Oliver Twist’ was Charles Dickens’ second published story.
Over twenty-five songs feature in the musical version.
‘Oliver Twist’ was written in the 1860s but hundreds of plays and film versions have been produced since.
The Oxford English Dictionary credits Dickens with introducing 247 new words or new usages into the language! These include butter-fingers, cheesiness, fluffiness and the use of the verbs “to mother-inlaw”, “to manslaughter” and “to towel”.
Charles Dickens always insisted on sleeping with his bed aligned north-south, with his head pointing north.