Art Department News

Miss Kearney with this Art Department update:

“As this year signifies the 100th Anniversary of the end of World War One the Art Department decided that we had to do something significant to commemorate this. We decided to create a whole school display where every single pupil in KS3 & some upper school art groups in school contributed. Over the past two weeks, our lessons have been themed around Remembrance.

Our Year 7’s worked incredibly hard to create 3D poppies which beautifully decorate our windows and have created the impressive archway which is suspended in the middle of the corridor. Some Year 8’s produced mono prints, while others worked hard to create the paper cut bunting which hangs the length of the corridor.

Year 9’s learned how propaganda like posters helped to recruit men to join the army and from this produced some large paintings. Others produced some beautiful water colour studies which were collaged together to make up the soldiers who stand proudly along the corridor. Year 10’s used poetry to create some delicate parcel tags that hang from the ceiling and our A ‘level students used techniques that they have learned this year such as image transfer, mono printing and card edge painting to create their own responses.

Last but not least, our staff have also taken part and have made some beautiful poppies, some are incredibly personal and display photographs and maps from some local heroes.

We are very proud of our installation. It has been lovely seeing groups of pupils gather at lunch time to read all the poetry and look at all the art work and show their friends the piece that they did.

Please have a look at our Instagram page (wellingtonschool_artdepartment) to see more photographs of the work on display.

Well done to every student for their hard work and for their contribution. A fitting tribute to everyone who made the ultimate sacrifice.”