‘Aim High’ Adventurers

Miss Spencer writes:

“Last week I took 20 bold and fearless Year 7 pupils into the wilds of the Peak District to conquer Mam Tor, Back Tor and Lose Hill in an epic trek through slippery mud, past prickly gorse bushes and up steep inclines. The aim was to have a challenging and exciting adventure so that the hikers have a wealth of great experiences to draw upon as we work upon our writing skills together in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

And what great experiences we had! Mr Manifould, Mr Webb and I agreed that it was the toughest conditions for the hike yet: cold, misty, windy, wet and ever so slippery underfoot! But we also agreed that it was the most fun we had ever had with Aim High! Almost everyone – including Mr Manifould -managed to get coated in a thick gloop of dirt as we traversed the ridge to Hollins Cross. Everyone laughed and squealed through their adversity, supporting each other physically and emotionally… and I was very proud.

I am now incredibly excited to see what the students come up with over the coming weeks as they put their pens to paper. At our first session we all agreed that the following quotation summed up our experiences on the Peaks together. I hope it inspires all of your adventures this half-term too!

“The very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure.” – John Krakauer

The Aim High Adventurers are: Ruby Cottrill, Fletcher McMahon, Kci Holloway, Eve Shawcross, Jack Morgan, Jaydon Heywood, Georgi Adams, Max Baker, Corey Markham, Leona Chesters, Nathan O’Connor, Joshua Marhsland, Joel Stuckey, Lily Walker, Caitlyn Flannery, Kieran Stanton, Jack Corcoran, Ines Starbuck, Noah Hill and Angel Rouse.