Year 8 Netball

Miss Challinor with these match reports:

“What a brilliant week for Year 8 netball. Our first game of the season was a friendly against Manchester High on Tuesday night, and it was like our girls hadn’t had 6 months break since their last game.

Our team was as strong as ever, with Jayda, Esme and Alicia playing a solid defending trio, that made it difficult for Manchester High to get many opportunities to attack. Ruby played a fantastic game as centre, feeding balls to our fabulous attacking trio- Scarlett, Rosie and Jasmine. The first quarter ended 6-1 to us, and throughout the rest of the game we kept on racking up the goals. Immy and Marina were swapped on to play in the centre and attacking thirds, making welcome additions to our strong team. The final score was an amazing 13-6 to Wellington, with Jayda receiving the girl of the game award. A great confidence boost going into our Trafford seeding tournament on Thursday.

We travelled to Stretford on Thursday for the Trafford seeding competition – with the winners of each mini tournament going into the top league for the rest of the season. A few of our regular players were unfortunately absent, but Amelia and Jen stepped up and helped Wellington to 3 fabulous wins.

Our first game was against Ashton on Mersey, where we stormed ahead. Jayda, Amelia and Esme were superb in defence, making Ashton work very hard to get anywhere near the goal. Up at the other end our attacking players were unstoppable. Scarlett played in centre with Marina, Rosie and Jasmine playing the best I have seen them play. Jasmine racked up an impressive 4 goals and Rosie 1, with the final score being 5-0 to Wellington.

Our second game was exactly the same. Alicia came on as our goal keeper with Jayda and Esme defending so well that Sale High were never in a position to shoot. Scarlett and Jen worked the ball around the centre third, feeding the balls to Rosie and Jasmine perfectly, with Jasmine scoring another 4 goals, and Rosie another one. The score again was 5-0 to Wellington.

Our final game against Flixton was another white-wash. Jayda, Alicia and Amelia played some of the best defending of the night, with Scarlett, Marina, Rosie and Jasmine owning the court, making Flixton chase the ball around. This time, Rosie was our top scorer with an impressive 4 goals, with Jasmine scoring 1. The final score again, 5-0 to Wellington.

With 3 wins, a very impressive 15 goals and clean sheets from the games, I am quite positive that we will be playing in the top league this year, where we will be defending out Trafford title.

Well done to all the girls who have played this week, and congratulations on 4 impressive wins.”