7F – The Pupil’s Tale

For the last few weeks 7F have been looking at the evolution of English literature starting with the Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf and now moving on to Shakespeare’s A midsummer Night’s Dream, but in the middle, they read some of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and had a go at writing their own. In the spirit of Chaucer, we held a story competition in the class and judged each other’s work for their entertainment value. Unfortunately, as The Canterbury tales were never finished, we don’t know what the winning story was. As such, to remain in keeping with Chaucer, we held an anonymous vote to determine which story we found most entertaining (this in turn led to a lively discussion where students persuaded each other on how to cast their vote – much like Chaucer’s prologues!) and our winners were: Alex Casey and Edward Baxter!

Well done on some fantastic storytelling!

Miss F Spencer