6th Form Language Day at MMU

“On Tuesday 29th October, I had the real pleasure to take Year 13 & Year 12 French students to the annual 6th Form Language Day at MMU” writes Mrs Campbell. “It was a fun filled and successful day where the students attended a variety of workshops directly linked to their A-level studies. The themes and techniques ranged from “Fun with interpreting”, “Strategies for translating” to “Analysing a film character”. They also had the opportunity to discuss serious topics such as “Immigration and identity In France”. All the workshops were extremely useful and given in French by the staff at MMU. I was personally proud of our students as they made excellent contributions out loud in French lectures especially in the study of French literature, translation and interpretation. Having taught Year 13 since Year 12, I can tell that they are becoming excellent linguists and they showed a great deal of independence throughout the day. It was not only useful from a language point of view but it also gave a true experience of what it is to be a language student at university. Bravo à tous!”