VI Form News

The Sixth Form have been really busy undertaking all sorts of extra activities in the last couple of weeks.

Each lunch time a team have been selling merchandise for Kids Scan all to help raise further funds for the sponsored walk totalizer. Lots of t-shirts, water bottles and bracelets have been sold. There has been much discussion regarding fancy dress for the big day………even amongst staff! Watch this space and let’s hope storm Doris passes and doesn’t hang around for Friday!

On the last day of half term Year 12 had a skills day – this involved looking at the pastoral and practical side of life after school and offering support. It was a busy day with lots of external speakers. University choices were looked at and Roman Dibden from The Skills Company discussed the apprenticeship route and potential. Health and welfare was also explored, there was talks from the AA on alcohol dependence and its impact, and Sarah Williamson spoke about positive mental attitude, being kind to yourself and understanding that life has highs and lows and how to manage them and build on your resilience. All very useful and informative in the minefield of becoming an adult and demands of A-levels.