Year 9 Tutor Challenge – Geography

Miss English with an updated on the Year 9 Geography Tutor Challenge:

“Over the past two weeks I have had the opportunity to go and talk to all of the Year 9 tutor groups to tell them what GCSE Geography is all about. As part of our discussions we looked at how future Geography students could change our world! We also practised some vital Geographical skills such as, suggesting reasons for patterns in different maps. One of the maps we looked at had no title and students had to think logically about the data in order to work out what the title might be. They considered all the evidence in front of them and suggested possible titles. There were 3 winners – LML, DMY and JGS – all guessing the correct theme – tourism. The title of the map is in fact ‘The most popular tourist destinations’. Well done to the winning tutor groups – your chocolates are on their way! I’ve attached the map in case any of our readers are interested!”