Year 10 Healthy Living and Stay Safe Day

Mrs Taylor-Crooke with this news:

“After what can only be described as the most challenging term to date for Year 10; mock examinations, followed by lessons enduring gruelling feedback and follow up work; it seemed fitting to plan a day whereby they can put down their pens and release some of the pent up stress and frustrations.

Students have spent the day in their tutor groups moving around a number of activities targeted at:

  1. a) Physical health to aid mental well-being: Boxing, Wrestling/self defence, Yoga and meditation
  2. b) Sexual health: talks addressing issues such as contraception, STI’s, teenage pregnancy and abortion
  3. c) Issues surrounding alcohol use and drugs: talks from Alcoholics Anonymous and Shaun Attwood about drugs and crime.

A great day has been had by all and the year group have been amazing as always. I have included some of their comments below.”


“We had a really good day and found the sessions useful and educational that have set us up better for life. The experience was more meaningful as the stories came from real life situations which gave us insight on different perspectives, which can be a cause of the actions that people take in life.”


“The day was helpful, energetic and informative. We particularly loved Shaun’s talk about his life in the prison in Arizona! He had some really interesting stories to tell and life lessons to share.”


“We learnt how to defend ourselves both against STI’s and attackers. We now know what Talk Shop is and how to access support.”


“We had a really interesting, informative and active day. We particularly loved hearing people share their real life stories and felt this enabled us to put ourselves in their shoes and really learn from their life story.”


“It was fun, informative, interactive and very realistic. We enjoyed and appreciated the day.”