10.3 English

Miss Tedford reports:

“10.3 have been looking at the presentation of Lady Macbeth’s character this week. Using their class notes and annotations, pupils have written a response to the following question: How does Shakespeare present Lady Macbeth in Act 2, Scene 2? Pupils have used a success criteria to guide their response, including elements such as context, impact on reader and writer’s methods.

Pupils were then asked to highlight their work against the success criteria provided and will mark their own responses next lesson, in accordance with the Literature Paper 1-mark scheme.  Pupils have worked hard on their analyses and are to be congratulated for their mature approach to the study of Macbeth. Having spoken to the pupils in my class, all seem to be enjoying it!

Finally, pupils have also re-capped on themes in Macbeth this week and have created some interesting

revision cards. Well done 10.3!”